Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bollywood...The Gift That Never Stops Giving

This past weekend was the Heat 2006 concert and it was FANTASTIC. Words fail me. Beth Loves Bollywood and I took my sister and another friend of ours to the event to show them a little of the culture of Bollywood, and it did not disappoint. The back-up dancers were amazing and the costumes outrageous, to say the least. Preity was always well dressed but who ever did the fashion for her dancers really needs to reconsider the pale pink pleather chaps with garter belts, knee high black boots, and hot pink and yellow bikini tops. And was that shear fringe? I mean really reconsider. That might have been the worst get-up I have yet seen in Bollywood, and that's saying something. I have been thinking that if school doesn't work out for me I might become a back-up dancer myself but am having second thoughts if I have to wear such a misuse/abuse of fashion...on the other hand maybe I could help them avoid such situations. And the rhymes for introducing the next act. Despite this blip, the dancers really made the show what it was, I feel, and it was great.

Poor Saif. The last scene was him and Preity doing a little bit of Salaam Namaste in which he was wearing a white tank with his name across his chest that you could see his bandage through. At the beginning of the show he had explained how he was disobeying doctors orders in continuing with the show and how he would never let us down by not performing. I fully appreciate this, but he should not have been lifting girls with a tear in his abdominal wall while he was so obviously in pain! The burgeoning doctor in me wanted to urge him to respect his many doctors' wishes or he will never heal...but I did enjoy getting to see him dance even just the little bit he was able to do. My friend and I went down out of our seats to get closer to the stage just as he was calling girls out of the audience, some of which were holding up a sign that said "My Dil Goes Mmmm 4 U Saif" so I leaned over to the 13 year old girl next to me and said "My dil goes Mmmm for him more! Saif is my favorite!" and she said "Mine too! We should get to go!" My friend and I got in a little trouble from a man sitting on the side so we went and sat down a little way away to watch Saif sing a little more and pulled out the binoculars that she brought (they were more diminutive than the ones I brought) and a little girl in front of us asked to borrow them and got a real kick out of that, as did her parents. I could not believe the number of small children (one of which my sister helped to find his parents) that were in attendance. Their little ears must have been hurting, I know mine were. You could understand better what was said if you plugged your ears it was so loud.

Beth Loves Bollywood and I spent the night at my sister's place and went shopping in the morning for soundtracks and Bollywood movies ~ there was only one store open, but it was a treasure trove. They had photos of Saif and Shahrukh and Preity and Aamir and so many more. Some stars together, some by themselves. I bought the soundtrack to Bluffmaster, unseen, and it is now the background soundtrack for my life, such as it is ,and I have now ordered a copy of the movie to see if it can hold up to the music.

A wonderful, whimsical weekend. If I could find the back door to the make-believe-land-where-all-that-is-wrong-turns-right-in-the-end that is the world of Bollywood, I would enter and not look back, at least not for a long time.